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KP Group

Smart Facility Management Platform

“Streamline Operations with Our Facility Protocol”

1) Queaxis - Queue Management System

"Streamline Customer Flow and Enhance Service Efficiency"

Queaxis by Kuwait Protocol is an advanced queue management system designed to minimize waiting times and maximize customer satisfaction. Ideal for high-traffic areas such as retail outlets, banks, healthcare facilities, and government offices, Queaxis ensures efficient management of customer flows and service delivery.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduced Waiting Times:Implement a more organized queue system to decrease customer wait times and increase throughput.
  • Improved Customer Experience:Enhance the overall customer experience by ensuring quicker service in a structured environment.
  • Analytics and Reporting:Gain valuable insights into customer flow and behavior to continually improve service efficiency.

PixlView - Digital Signage Solutions

"Engage and Inform with Dynamic Digital Signage"

PixlView, provided by Kuwait Protocol, is a sophisticated digital signage platform that allows businesses to display text, video, and multimedia content effectively. Perfect for use in various settings including universities, retail, and healthcare facilities, PixlView helps in creating engaging environments that capture genuine customer interest.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced Customer Engagement:Use vibrant displays to attract and hold customer attention, significantly enhancing the impact of promotional messages.
  • Versatile Content Management:Easily update and manage content to ensure relevance and timeliness, catering to specific marketing needs.
  • Interactive Features:Incorporate interactive elements to transform passive viewers into active participants.

2) PixlMeet - Meeting Room Management Software

"Optimize Your Meeting Space Utilization Efficiently"

PixlMeet by Kuwait Protocol offers a comprehensive meeting room booking and management solution designed to streamline the process of reserving meeting spaces within an organization. This system ensures that all meeting rooms are used efficiently, avoiding double-bookings and underutilization.

Key Benefits:

  • Seamless Integration:Integrate with existing office calendars like Outlook and Google Calendar to view availability and book spaces effortlessly.
  • Real-Time Booking: Offer employees the convenience of booking meeting rooms in real-time, enhancing productivity and collaboration.
  • Resource Optimization:Maximize the use of meeting spaces and related resources, improving overall operational efficiency.