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KP Group

RFID based Asset Management System


Radio Frequency Identification(RFID) uses radio waves to read information from tags mounted on various assets and equipment , KPGTC’s tracking solution automates the location of the asset’s and its status with the help of a comprehensive suite of tags, readers and software using the latest in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to locate them in a wide variety of environments. The time it takes to conduct inventory or locate people is significantly reduced while data accuracy is increased. Everything from people, computers, smart devices, book, furniture, vehicles, and supplies can be reliably located. The solution integrates passive and active RFID, bar code and GPS into a single intuitive system.


  • Can Quickly locate critical equipment and inventory automatically even an individual item
  • Can Identify items without direct line-of-sight
  • Can Identify many items (1,000’s) simultaneously
  • Can Identify items within a few centimeters to several meters
  • Can Reduce inventory time
  • Can Achieve real-time physical inventory of assets
  • Can Enhance productivity by remotely monitoring assets and infrastructure
  • Can Deliver more timely information for decision making
  • Can Improve security by preventing assets from leaving premises and keeping designated assets out of unauthorized areas
  • Can integrate with existing ERP, Asset and Warehouse management systems.

RFID Can Help:

  • Automate inventory and asset-tracking in healthcare, manufacturing, retail, & business sectors
  • Identify the source of products
  • Prevent use of counterfeit products in the supply chain
  • Improve shopping experience for consumers with fewer out-of-stock items and easier returns
  • Decrease business revenue lost to theft or inaccurate accounting of goods
  • Improve security through better cargo monitoring at entry points
  • Wirelessly lock, unlock and configure electronic devices
  • Enable access control of certain areas or devices


  • Asset Tracking Solutions
  • Inventory Tracking Solutions
  • People Tracking Solutions
  • Vehicle Tracking Solutions
  • Student Tracking & Management

Features: Asset Tracking Solutions

  • Track fixed assets during entire life cycle
  • Track current location and location movements
  • Issue/receive assets, custodian changes
  • Perform periodic asset audits
  • Supports RFID/NFC/Barcode labels
  • Supports Passive/Active RFID systems
  • Uses Handhelds and fixed RFID devices for easy operation
  • Integrates with ERP
  • SMS/Email alerts

Features: Inventory Tracking Solutions

  • Track inventory real time
  • Minimize discrepancy between stock in warehouse and in IT systems
  • Automatic detection and location
  • Streamline warehouse operations
  • Supports RFID/NFC/Barcode labels
  • Supports Passive/Active RFID systems
  • Uses Handhelds and fixed RFID devices for easy operation
  • Integrates with ERP/Warehouse Management Systems

Features: People Tracking Solutions

  • Track people entry/exit
  • Track time and attendance
  • Locate people during emergency
  • Audit trail of people movement
  • Long Range Passive/Active RFID systems
  • Integrates with ERP/Payroll for salary calculations and payments
  • SMS & Email alerts

Features: Vehicle Tracking Solutions

  • Track vehicle entry/exit
  • Track vehicle movement across locations
  • Locate vehicle current location
  • Optimize vehicle usage
  • Long Range Passive/Active RFID systems
  • Can be integrated with access control barriers
  • SMS & Email alerts

Features: Student Tracking & Management

  • Automated Attendance, No Proxy
  • Centralized Student Data & Attendance Management
  • Enable more quality time,e.g.additional time for students, reference
  • Active & Involved relationship with Parents
  • Student security with real-time updates
  • Interactive touch-points with Teachers,Counselors
  • Convenient on-the-go access i.e. web & mobile
  • Alert based requests
  • Simple and easy maintenance of school data
  • Enables historical data for every student
  • Simple & Easy tracking for Fee Management
  • Automated leave management
  • Centralized Registration
  • Readily available online information for
    • Homework, Assignments, Projects
    • Exams/Internal Assessments schedules
    • Attendance