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KP Group

Amazon Web Hosting

"We Have The Expertise To Build And Scale Web Platforms.
Our Enterprise Architects Specialize In Distributed Systems, Cloud, And Enterprise Platforms."

KPGTC offers proven expertise across cloud platforms so you can make your product-engineering decisions faster and with confidence. Our expertise spans across the entire cloud stack:

Our Domain Expertise:

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS Cloud) : Building a multi-node application infrastructure on top of IaaS cloud platforms.
IaaS is a provision model in which an organization outsources the equipment used to support operations, including storage, hardware, servers and networking components. The service provider owns the equipment and is responsible for housing, running and maintaining it. The client typically pays on a per-use basis.

Platform as a Service (PaaS Cloud) : Rapid development of business applications, by taking advantage of PaaS frameworks.
PasS is a way to rent hardware, operating systems, storage and network capacity over the Internet. The service delivery model allows the customer to rent virtualized servers and associated services for running existing applications or developing and testing new ones.

Storage as service (SaaS Cloud) : Helping you integrate with SaaS Cloud APIs. Take advantage of the existing feature capabilities of SaaS platforms.
A cloud storage service is a business that maintains and manages its customers’ data and makes that data accessible over a network, usually the Internet. Most services are based on a utility storage model. A public cloud storage service is usually suitable for unstructured data that is not subject to constant change. The infrastructure usually consists of inexpensive storage nodes attached to commodity drives. Data is stored on multiple nodes for redundancy and accessed through Internet protocols, typically Representational State Transfer (REST).

Database as a service(DbaaS Cloud) :DbaaS enables customers to provision Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server environments on-demand without the need to purchase new hardware or manage complex licensing models. Interoute will provision the environment to fit your application, optimise and manage on a 24x7 basis. DbaaS will give your organization everything you need to deploy a mission critical application through one simple model and our experts ensure that all areas from storage and backups to tuning and security have been taken into consideration delivering a true ‘enterprise class’ database environment.

KPGTC has formed strategic partnerships with various cloud service providers and technology companies. Our expertise is centered on the following platforms and technologies:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • com
  • Rackspace
  • Google App Engine
  • OpenStack